V-Jet® Corrosion Inhibitor Pigs


Injection or batching of corrosion inhibitor fluid is an essential part of a maintenance program aimed at reducing pipeline deterioration. Unfortunately, gravity often forces inhibitor to settle along the bottom of the pipe, leaving the top vulnerable. 

Designed by TDW to overcome gravity, V-Jet® corrosion inhibitor pigs provide a more complete coating – and better protection – for all pipe wall surfaces in pipelines from 10 inches through 28 inches. V-Jet pigs use bypass flow as an inductive driving force, literally sucking up residual corrosion inhibitor that has dropped to the bottom of the pipe wall and spraying it onto the inside top portion.

The same corrosion-inhibiting action and benefits are available for smaller pipeline diameters ranging with the V-Jet VXP corrosion inhibitor pig.