Vantage V

The VANTAGE® V pig, featuring a steel mandrel body, has proven effective in batching, cleaning, and pipeline gaugingwith little to no configuration modifications. Because the pig is designed to work with the same cups and discs as the OptionAll™ pig, it simplifies spare parts requirements.

The VANTAGE V pig can be used with TDW RealSeal® urethane cups with multi-lip sealing grooves, which further enhances its sealing capabilities for batching.

During cleaning, the multi-lip sealing grooves on RealSeal discs perform like multiple scraper discs, resulting in extremely thorough results. The VANTAGE V pig also can be configured with brushes to aggressively remove hard internal deposits, and it can run with a magnet kit to pick up ferrous debris.

VANTAGE V pigs, available in sizes 10 inches through 42 inches, are equipped with non-metallic bumpers to protect the bolts and prevent metal-to-metal contact during pigging operations. The body is rugged and easy to maintain.

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