Redskin? Foam Pig

Redskin Foam

TDW manufactures foam pigs, including the REDSKIN™ line, with an oversized diameter. The resulting tight fit helps ensure an effective seal, regardless of a pipeline’s wall thickness, making it an extremely effective batching tool.

These pigs have been engineered with a patented honeycomb surface texture, which allows them to thoroughly clean soft deposits, including paraffin, and run longer in the pipeline. Because they can be equipped with wire brushes that have bypass grooves, they can remove hard deposits as well. 

REDSKIN pigs are also valuable for the line filling and de-watering necessary for hydrostatic testing.

The REDSKIN pigs are durable, too. They’re made of a high quality urethane foam and have a patented tough skin surface that allows them to wear better than other foam pigs. Available in sizes 2 inches to 24 inches, REDSKIN pigs can traverse unknown bend designs, low flow, and low-pressure operating systems, making them a strong choice for gathering lines and other pipelines that are challenging to pig.

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