Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology

Magnetic Flux Leakage

Since 1997, TDW has provided accurate detection and sizing of internal and external metal loss through high resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology.

By detecting volumetric corrosion features such as metal loss in dents, MFL helps you remain in regulatory compliance and extend your pipeline system’s useful life.

And because you can combine MFL with other technologies – including mapping, geometry, selective seam corrosion detection, and multiple dataset tools – you can minimize the number of tool runs, saving time and money in the process.

Best used for: small diameter liquids pipelines

Key features:

  • Scales to pipes measuring 4 inches through 20 inches in diameter.
  • Detects and reports volumetric metal loss at 10 percent wall loss or greater.
  • Allows 10 percent sizing tolerance for pitting and general corrosion.
  • Advanced capabilities that enable improved detection and sizing accuracies.
  • Easily combines with other technologies to reduce the number of tool runs.
  • Because they are shorter, lighter, and produce less drag than competitors’ products, the TDW 4- and 6-inch tools are more accurate than other, similar tools.


  • How soon will I have my results? Final reports are issued within 30 to 60 days so you can address immediate, 60-day, and 180-day conditions related to metal loss and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • How much can sizing accuracy be improved? Generally, pairing traditional MFL with advanced technology can improve sizing accuracy from 10 percent to 8 percent.