Inline Isolation

Non-Intrusive Inline Isolation

Protecting Assets and Avoiding Offshore Platform Shutdown or Pipeline Decommissioning

From shallow waters to the bottom of the sea, TDW helps offshore operators tackle demanding and complex projects while minimizing risk to production, pipeline assets, personnel, and the environment.

With TDW non-intrusive technologies – including the SmartPlug® isolation tool that pairs with the SmartTrack™ pipeline pig tracking system, and the SmartLay™ anti-flooding tool – you’ll avoid depressurizing and decommissioning your entire pipeline prior to offshore start-up, maintenance, repair, and other activities. As a result, you’ll benefit from less downtime, shorter project turnaround, and lower operational expenses.

Non-intrusive inline isolation and related technology tools and services include:

  • SmartPlug® isolation tool non-intrusively isolates a section of pipeline at normal operating pressure, without the time-draining need for decommissioning and recommissioning. Composed of two independent modules, the system creates a true double block and monitor isolation.
  • SmartTrack™ pipeline pig tracking system detects and reports the exact location of pigs and tools, including the SmartPlug isolation tool, as they travel through the pipeline.
  • SmartLay™ anti-flooding tool prevents flooding due to wet buckle during offshore pipe lay operations in either shallow or deep waters.
  • Customized engineering support and feasibility studies help you determine the most appropriate, viable, and safest solution for your offshore intervention, including specific technology and process recommendations.
  • Project management supports your offshore project from concept through completion.


SmartPlug® Isolation Technology

Field-proven with hundreds of offshore projects, SmartPlug double block and monitor (DBM) technology minimizes platform downtime by enabling operators to isolate pressurized pipelines so equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacements can be done without bleeding down the entire system.

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Smart Track

SmartTrack? Communication System

The SmartTrackTM two-way communication system enables pipeline operators to improve the safety of pigging operations by providing real-time monitoring of pigs and tools within the pipeline. Not only does the SmartTrack system accurately track, position, and identify pigs and tools in thick-wall buried or subsea pipes, it can also be used to track and identify all SmartPlug isolation tools.

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Engineering Support

For more than five decades, TDW has helped pipeline owners and operators overcome complex subsea challenges - from tie-ins and decommissioning to pipeline emergency repair - efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies help pipeline owners and operators determine the most viable and safest solutions for offshore interventions, including the specific application of SmartPlug isolation technology and the SmartTrack pig tracking system.

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Smart Lay

SmartLay? System

By preventing flooding as a result of wet buckle during offshore pipe lay operations, the SmartLay system mitigates risk to the pipe lay vessel and crew, protects as-laid pipeline, and helps pipeline owners and operators eliminate costs associated with standby dewatering spreads. SmartLay technology can be used in either shallow or deep waters.

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