TDW designs and manufactures high-performance valves that improve safety and efficiency when conducting tapping and isolation operations on in-service pipelines, tanks, and storage vessels.

Whether being used with TDW tapping machines or a STOPPLE® Train isolation system, TDW valves provide significant value to pipeline operators by reducing installation time and minimizing the travel distance required to complete taps. TDW distribution valves also feature an internal bypass mechanism that eliminates the requirement for pressure equalization on both sides of the disc before opening.

Both SHORTCUTT® valves and SANDWICH® valves feature a compact design that allows for use in applications where space is limited. They come in a variety of sizes and can be utilized in virtually any application – from 2-inch low-pressure gas distribution systems, to 48-inch high-pressure crude lines.

Best used for: hot tapping and isolation operations, including tie-ins, crossovers, line extensions, connections, main relocations, and bypasses.

Key features:

  • SANDWICH valves are bidirectional and feature flat-faced, serrated gasket surfaces. They can be installed parallel or perpendicular to the pipeline.
  • SHORTCUTT valves feature a full opening that permits passage of drills, completion plugs, plugging heads, and hole cutters. 
  • Suitable for use with TDW drilling machines and SHORTSTOPP plugging machines (SANDWICH valves can be used with STOPPLE Plus fittings that feature LOCK-O-RING® Plus flanges and completion plugs.)


  • Which ASME classes do TDW valves meet? All SHORTCUTT distribution valves meet ASME Class 150 bolt pattern. SANDWICH valves are designed to match ASME Class 150, 300, or 600 flanges.
  • Which TDW valve is most appropriate for my application? Use the chart below to locate your line diameter and pressure.

Need help selecting the right valve for your project? Click to enlarge the chart below.

TDW Valve Selection Chart



TDW SANDWICH® valves can be used with TDW tapping machines, STOPPLE® plugging machines, and fittings with LOCK-O-RING® flanges.

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SHORTCUTT® temporary distribution valves are designed for use with TDW tapping and drilling machines and SHORTSTOPP® plugging machines.

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