Repair and Reinforcement

Pipeline Repair & Reinforcement

Repairing defects, dents, gouges, corrosion, and leaks in pipelines can be a costly and resource-intensive task. For more than 60 years, TDW has worked to make that task less costly and more efficient by offering a range of repair and reinforcement products that are capable of permanently restoring pipelines to their maximum operating pressure without having to replace the entire section.

TDW steel repair sleeves and RES-Q® composite wrap can serve as highly versatile solutions for repairing damaged pipe when clearance is limited or when the width of the excavation makes conventional repair a difficult task. They also can serve as more economical options when a project’s budget simply does not allow for full cut out and replacement.

Whether the damage is confined to a straight section, elbow, tee, or reducer, TDW has a solution that can save pipeline owners and operators time and money by keeping pipelines safe, functional, and operational.

Best used for: dents, dings, gouges, internal and external corrosion, cracks, and defects on elbows, tees, straight sections, or reducers.

Key features:

  • Patented RES-Q wrap is made from high-strength, carbon fiber fabric, and epoxy. When applied to in-service pipe, it provides structural support in both the hoop and axial directions.
  • TDW steel repair sleeves are available in sizes from 2 inches through 48 inches. Sleeves can be utilized in a half or full sole configuration.


  • What standards does RES-Q wrap meet? RES-Q wrap meets the requirements of different liquid and gas pipeline standards, including ASME PCC-2, ISO 24817, and ASME B31.4/B31.8, along with various U.S. Department of Transportation regulations.
  • Which rehabilitation product is most appropriate for my application? RES-Q wrap is a highly versatile solution that may be more appropriate for minor defects on non-straight sections of pipe or where space is limited. Steel repair sleeves may be a better option for dealing with more substantial damage on straight, continuous sections.

RES-Q Wrap

RES-Q Wrap

TDW RES-Q® composite wrap is a highly versatile solution for permanently repairing pipelines that are damaged, dented, gouged, cracked, or corroded (internally or externally). RES-Q wrap is particularly useful when pipeline clearance is limited or when the width of the excavation makes conventional repair a difficult task.

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Steel Repair Sleeves

Steel Repair Sleeves

TDW offers a full line of steel repair sleeves that allow pipeline owners and operators to secure defective sections of pipe that are cracked, corroded (internally or externally), dented, damaged, or leaking.

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