Low-Pressure Fittings

Low-Pressure Fittings

TDW designs and manufactures a full suite of low-pressure fittings that enable operators to perform work on pipelines, tanks, and storage vessels without shutdown.

With a wide range of available models, including bolt-on fittings, Spherical 3-WAY™ tees, flat-bottomed tees, split tees, and weld fittings, the TDW line of low-pressure consumables can add value to virtually any pipeline-related operation, including equipment tie-ins, main relocations, lateral connections, bypasses, and crossovers.

All low-pressure fittings are engineered to complement TDW pipeline services and work seamlessly with a comprehensive line of TDW tapping and plugging equipment.

Best used for: low-pressure distribution line applications.

Key features:

  • All low-pressure fittings can be used with TDW plugging systems, including the SHORTSTOPP® II, SHORTSTOPP PE, and the SHORTSTOPP 275/500 plugging machines.
  • SHORTSTOPP 740 fittings can be used for planned operations, such as purge, equalization, and blowdowns.
  • Spherical 3-WAY tees can be used to form a high-pressure seal with a tapped opening, allowing operators to safely perform maintenance work on a line without interrupting flow in situations where depth of cover is a challenge.


  • How do I know which fitting is right for my operation? TDW low-pressure fittings have different maximum temperature and operating pressure limits. Fittings also are furnished with patented features that make them suitable depending on the requirements of the application (i.e., bypass, blowdown, main relocation, tie-in, etc.). Use the chart below to help find the right fitting.
  • What ASME class applications can TDW low-pressure fittings be used in? Low-pressure fittings from TDW are designed to meet ASME Class 150 and 300 applications.

Need help selecting the right fitting for your project? Click to enlarge the chart below.

TDW Low-Pressure Pipeline Fitting Chart

300D Full

300D Full-Encirclement 3-WAY Tees

Available in sizes 4-inch through 12-inch, the 300D Full-Encirclement 3-WAY™ Tee can be used with TDW plugging machines to install permanent bypasses without pipeline shutdown.

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Spherical 3 Way

300D Spherical 3-WAY Tees

The 300D Spherical 3-WAY™ tee can be used with TDW plugging machines to install permanent bypasses without pipeline shutdown. The tee is furnished with a drilled, faced, and pressure-rated flange that meets all ASME Class 300 applications.

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Flat Bottom Tee

Flat Bottom Tees

TDW offers a full line of flat-bottomed tees that eliminate the need to install valves on connections during hot tap tie-ins of lateral taps and crossover connections. 

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Bolt on 3-Way Tee


The TDW SHORTSTOPP® bolt-on 3-WAY™ tee is designed for use with SHORTSTOPP plugging machines and TDW tapping machines. The tee eliminates the need to install a valve on the connection during pipeline maintenance activities, such as tie-ins, crossovers, main relocations, bypasses, and line extensions.

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300D Split Tee


SHORTSTOPP® 300D split tee fittings are designed for use with TDW plugging machines. They are capable of temporarily plugging lines, enabling pipeline owners and operators to carry out maintenance and repair activities without pipeline shutdown.

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Bolt on Fitting

SHORTSTOPP Bolt On Fitting

SHORTSTOPP® bolt-on fittings can be used with TDW tapping machines or SHORTSTOPP plugging machines to perform tie-ins, lateral connections, extensions, crossovers, repairs, and main relocations without pipeline shutdown.

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Weld Fittings

SHORTSTOPP Weld Fittings

TDW SHORTSTOPP® weld fittings are used with SHORTSTOPP plugging machines to perform a wide range of hot tapping and plugging operations without pipeline shutdown, including main relocations, lateral connections, crossovers, tie-ins, extensions, and purge and equalization.

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Spherical 3 Way Tee

Spherical 3-WAY Tees

TDW Spherical 3-WAY™ tees are designed for use with SHORTSTOPP® plugging machines. The tees feature a low-profile design and are available in a variety of sizes, from 2 inches through 12 inches. Sizes 4-inch and above are equipped with a reusable bolt-on flange adapter to accommodate TDW SHORTSTOPP valves and SHORTCUTT® valves.

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