STOPPLE® Train Isolation System

Stopple Train

Utilizing field-proven STOPPLE® technology, the TDW STOPPLE Train isolation system features a patented double block and bleed (DBB) design that allows two independent plugging heads to be inserted into a line through a single fitting.

Once set, the area between the heads is bled through a bleed port. The port is left open and monitored so that any product seeping past the primary seal can be removed from the line and safely captured or evacuated to a safe location. This effectively creates a zone of “zero energy” and enables operators to make repairs and perform maintenance on an in-service pipeline in a safe work environment.

Performing a double block and bleed isolation using the STOPPLE Train isolation system offers a number of advantages over conventional isolation technologies, which typically require multiple hot taps and fittings to achieve an effective double block. In addition to providing the capability to bypass through the housing itself, STOPPLE Train technology eliminates the need for multiple taps and significantly reduces the costs associated with welding, inspection, permitting, and excavating. It also cuts the cost of fittings in half due to the fact that just one set is required in order to execute a full bypass.

The STOPPLE Train system is suitable for use on low and high pressure lines in both onshore and subsea environments. Engineered to achieve the highest first-time sealing success rate, it is one of the fastest, safest, and most reliable pipeline isolation technologies available to operators.

As of 2015, TDW has successfully completed more than 1,500 double block and bleed isolations using STOPPLE Train technology around the globe.

Key features:

  • Sealing element on the secondary plugging head is capable of providing a double block at pressures up to 102 bar (1,480 psi).
  • Ability to bypass through the housing.
  • Single hot tap with two in-line plugs.
  • Pressure bleed port for monitoring.
  • Double seal leakage protection.


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