Health & Safety

At TDW, our approach to HSE is about more than inspections and checklists or waiting for bad things to happen. It’s about having a complete picture of how we’re doing and an understanding of what we need to improve.

While zero incidents is the ultimate goal of our HSE journey, we’re convinced the best way to get there is to measure the strength of our defenses and check for weaknesses and holes. We create personal and process safety every day by identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing controls to protect our people, customers, and the environment.

By consistently challenging our HSE barriers, we are driving employee involvement throughout the company. And since all of our employees own their defenses, they feel empowered to call attention to any holes they discover – and to work together to fix them. By focusing on the strength of our defenses, we make sure we’re not lulled into complacency by our low incident frequency and severity rates.

Safety is not a priority at TDW, since priorities change; rather, it is a value that is core to how we do business every day.

Having great HSE results not only protects our people, customers, and the environment, but it also improves morale and productivity and makes us a business partner that can be trusted to do the right thing while getting the job done.