Community Relations

Community Relations

At TDW, we have a proud history of dedication to the community. T.D. Williamson Sr. and Edna Mae started our philanthropy, and T.D. Jr. and Carol magnified it. Dick Williamson then had the wisdom and ability, along with the company, to take it to where it is today. All of them believe in servant leadership, and live by its true meaning.

Today, our focus on global community relations upholds this legacy. We believe that all of our employees can make a difference by giving back to their communities around the world. We remain true to our origins – and that informal tradition of philanthropy has become a formal part of the corporation. We encourage all employees worldwide to participate in opportunities within their local communities or to support fellow employees during times of struggle through internal assistance programs.

We support the communities where TDW employees live and work through contributions and volunteers.  

How does this work? The Community Relations strategy is two-fold:

1. We focus on building strength and commitment internally throughout TDW, especially relevant as we grow and globalize the organization.

Basic programs include:

  • Volunteer opportunities community outreach programs such as United Way Day of Caring, Partner in Education and Junior Achievement.
  • Leadership opportunities for employees outside of normal work duties. Employees gain experience and develop teamwork skills as they serve on a committee or work on a community project. LifeTAPP opportunities help support employees in emergency situations.
  • Employee appreciation and recognition programs.

2. We research and examine community strengths and weaknesses and wisely contribute to create stronger communities. Additionally, we create partnerships with funders, companies and foundations to increase our impact.

These programs include:

  • Contributing donations to food banks, baby clothing drives, and other recognized needs.
  • Investing in culture, history, education and improve quality of life.
  • Building a future workforce by guiding students to make choices that affect their career path early.
  • Increasing visibility as a community leader who provides solutions both in industry and stewardship.
  • Reinforcing the company's reputation for integrity, initiative and interdependence, both with customers and the community.
  • Creating community and employee awareness and challenging other companies to step up per example.

Why We Do What We Do

T. D. Williamson employees Emily Williamson Perkins, Bob McGrew, president and CEO; Brooks Williamson; and Annie Tomecek. Photo courtesy of TulsaPeople Magazine

Our programs are based on our firm belief that it is not what we take from this world that matters, but rather what we give back. Our personnel share this commitment to give their time and talent to enhance lives in our communities.

  • Employee Impact:  Our founders believed in the value of our employees and in the importance of giving back to our communities. Employees who participate in our Community Relations initiatives make a difference in the lives of others while working alongside their coworkers in cross-functional teams that help them develop skills for the workplace.
  • Community Impact:  Through our various initiatives, the TDW global family supports social services (like meals, housing, and financial stability), invests in educational programs, promotes local arts and culture, and funds civic development to strengthen our communities and raise awareness about important issues.
  • Business Impact:  Investing in Community Relations initiatives helps us deliver exceptional customer value to all TDW partners by reducing turnover, creating an engaged workforce, and retaining valued employees. We believe that our corporate responsibility also sets us apart when recruiting top talent.

TDW upholds the legacy of our founders by investing financial resources and participating in charitable initiatives around the world. With hundreds of company-sponsored volunteer opportunities, employees log thousands of volunteer hours that equal hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of community impact. See the specifics of our volunteer statistics from the past year in our.

Community Relations Committees: The heart of TDW giving

To accomplish our numerous initiatives, we support regional chapters called Community Relations Committees (CRCs). CRCs are cross-functional teams of employees from different departments who coordinate philanthropic efforts for their particular region, from volunteer opportunities to charitable contributions.

Embodying the TDW values of integrity, initiative, and interdependence, each CRC functions as an autonomous unit to plan and execute the philanthropic initiatives selected by their local employees. Projects may look different from location to location, but the goal of all programs is building stronger communities to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

The TDW giving strategy follows these guidelines to invest in and support philanthropic opportunities across five categories of giving to empower our communities in a globally consistent yet regionally precise manner.

  1. Basic Needs and Health - Provide for the basic needs of our neighbors and address health issues within our communities.

  2. Education - Promote education in our communities through innovative teaching, availability to education, and doors to economic opportunity for this generation and the next.

  3. United Way - Partner with United Way in our communities to achieve their mission of improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common.

  4. Civic/Community - Support growth and strength in our communities through programs that break down barriers to civic, economic, and social growth.

  5. Company Giving

  6. Arts and Culture - Encourage preservation of the arts, culture, and creative development within our communities.