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About TDW

For nearly a century, TDW has helped customers around the world safely transport product to their communities. Chairman Emeritus Richard Williamson, who represents the third generation to lead the family business, says there are ample advantages to that kind of longevity. For example, lasting relationships with pipeline owners and operators have enabled TDW professionals to work with a broad range of technologies, learn distinct operating and management practices, and help develop industry leaders for the future. Those are experiences rare in many other companies.

"It’s a real public trust for us all to be able to work in our industry. And the companies that have survived as operators and service companies have done so because they implicitly understand and are committed to our common mission to serve our many communities around the globe." – Richard Williamson, Chairman Emeritus

Our partnerships also demonstrate the TDW commitment to collaboration, shared learning, and dialog among pipeline professionals. Williamson sees activities like those as integral to building communities where solutions to common problems can more easily arise. This means you can trust that the TDW experts working on your pipeline have access to an unparalleled body of knowledge in addition to personal expertise. Our team members are responsible for some of the most efficient and trusted technologies in the industry.

A privately held company, TDW has maintained a reputation of excellence for almost a century by adhering to three core values that define us as a company. These values are called the “Three I’s.”

  1. Integrity means we build trust by doing the right things the right way, all the time.
  2. Interdependence means we are mutually reliant on each other to achieve our common goals.
  3. Initiative means we see opportunities, have the courage to take action and deliver results.

At TDW, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our personnel, others involved in our operations, customers, and the general public within the communities in which we operate. We are also committed to maintaining a standard of excellence in environmental care. We expect that each employee will have the same level of commitment to health, safety, and environmental excellence.