Pig and Inline Tool Tracking


When pigs leave the launcher, the expectation is that they will travel smoothly through the pipeline and arrive at the receiver on schedule. Sometimes, however, pigs become lost inside the pipeline. This can be due to pipeline defects, abnormal pipeline conditions, or other problems.

By monitoring the location of pigs as they travel through the pipeline, Gas Distribution operators or service crews can respond rapidly to lost pigs, avoiding other time-consuming and costly pig locating processes. In addition, pig tracking technology enables operators to record any unexpected speed excursions or periods of stalling in the system.

Pig tracking is considered good practice, particularly when there’s a concern about a pig becoming stalled, stuck, or lost in the pipeline, such as during commissioning of a newly constructed system or when working on a line that has been infrequently or never pigged. 

TDW offers pig tracking solutions that detect passing pigs and the location of stationary pigs.



Designed for use with onshore Gas Distribution pipelines, TDW pig tracking equipment tracks and locates pigs with pinpoint accuracy. Transmitters fit inside, or can be towed behind, all types of foam, unicast, and metal pigs. Pig activity data is displayed, stored, easily recalled, and can be transferred to desktop PCs and printed.

  • TracMaster™ magnetic pig tracking and locating system – This TDW pig tracking system provides visual display and audible signal of moving or stopped pigs. The technology operates through a simple, user-friendly graphic menu system. Receiving antennas that reject false signals eliminate the time-consuming “walk and stop” associated with other tracking systems.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the path to a solution requires consultation.