Flow Loss


From debris in new pipelines to sand, paraffin wax, scale, and other contaminants that collect over time, deposits can restrict product flow, operating capacity, and profitability. That’s not the only problem those solids and sediments can cause, however. They can also create conditions suitable for corrosion growth, as well as directly causing other damage to pipelines and components.

Cleaning with pigs designed to eliminate the specific substances in the pipeline can:

  • Restore flow efficiency.
  • Improve operating capacity and throughput.
  • Avoid production shutdowns.
  • Avoid costly maintenance, including equipment repair and replacement.
  • Mitigate corrosion.

TDW offers a comprehensive suite of pigging products to help Gas Distribution operators combat flow loss.



Because TDW understands that the pigging needs of Gas Distribution operators are unique, it can deliver the best pigging products and strategy to remediate current conditions and improve flow. 

Pigs for wax or solids removal:

  • OptionALL™ cleaning pig – Effective for cleaning, maintenance, batching, and displacement. Can be customized with attachments appropriate for clearing pipeline solids, including discs, cups, magnets, brushes, and blades.
  • VANTAGE® V cleaning pig – Can be equipped with brushes to remove hard, crust-like deposits, urethane blades for removing gummy deposits, scraper discs to clean both hard and soft deposits, and magnet kits to remove ferrous material.
  • FJR/JRN cleaning pig – Equipped with wire brushes and urethane cups to remove contaminants and deposits from pipelines.
  • REDSKIN™ foam pig – Available in five different configurations, including the REDSKIN RoughRider® pig for removing hard deposits.
  • WCK cleaning pig – Built to remove pipeline contaminants and deposits, with an outlet port at the pig’s front end to prevent loosened material from piling up. Available in a dual diameter model for cleaning multiple sizes of pipe in one run.

 Pigs for solids removal:

  • VANTAGE® + cleaning pig – Multi-use pig that can remove hard internal pipe deposits such as mill scale, crust, and calcium deposits as well as thick, soft contaminants including sludge and mud.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the path to a solution requires consultation.